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53 day hotels in Munich

Enjoy Munich in the best way possible by taking a break in the many Day Hotels of the city with Dayuse !

What if you tried a Hotel by Day in Munich ?

Munich is a big city that requires a lot of energy, so to get some rest during the day, Dayuse suggests that you take advantage of a hotel room during the day for a well-deserved nap, a relaxing cuddle or a casual drink. Hotels by day offer you all their services at a discounted price, up to 75% cheaper than overnight! Book your day room when you want, where you want, with whom you want, for a few hours or the entire day, and cancel at any time if your schedule changes.

Day Hotel to refresh your daily routine

The nights in Munich are hectic, but the days are even more so! And to make the most of them, you can book a room during the day in a day hotel to add a touch of luxury and comfort to your daily routine. The hotels by day welcome you for a few hours for a relaxing break in a cocooning day room, a few laps in the pools of the best hotels in Munich, or an efficient business meeting. A room for the day allows you to do whatever you want, and even more !So why wait ? Book your pleasure break !

Hourly Hotels adapt to your day in Munich

Hourly hotels give you access to the luxurious services of a hotel during the day, for a few hours or the whole day. Fancy a spa session or a swim in some of Munich's best hotels ? Book your few hours of relaxation with day hotels. The day rooms you take will also allow you to take a quiet or naughty break in the middle of the day. What's more, rooms for a few hours are cheaper than overnight stays, and you can cancel at the last minute without paying anything !Discover now the rooms during the day for a quiet break from the hustle and bustle of the city in a hotel by day.

Start the day slowly in Munich with an Early Break

What better way to start a day in Munich than with the comfort of a room, the warmth of a good breakfast and the peace of a relaxing terrace ? You'll get all this with an early break in one of the city's many day hotels. Early hotels offer spa facilities, swimming pools and comfortable beds to start a meeting, finish a work file or simply take a break in a day room while waiting for your train or plane. Early check-in hotels will pamper you at the beginning of the day and you can cancel for free at the last minute if your plans change at the last moment !

End your day in style with a Late Break

If you are waiting for a train home or just want a comfortable room for a short break after the afterwork with colleagues, take a late break in Munich's many day hotels. You can also take advantage of a pool or sauna to get rid of the stress of the day and relax in your day room for a few hours to end the day in style. Get access to Munich's star hotels at discounted prices with Dayuse, for a few hours of relaxation in a hotel at the end of the day. Late check-in hotels can be cancelled at the last minute at no charge, to remain free as a bird !

Spice up your daily routine in Munich with a Love Hotel

Spice up your relationship by booking a room during the day in one of Munich's day hotels. The many love hotels in the city will give you all the privacy you need for unforgettable naughty moments in your favorite day room. The many hotel services, such as sauna, steam room, bar and jacuzzi, complete your romantic getaway. For an hour or more, give yourself a romantic break with your loved one in a hotel by day, and if you change your mind, you can cancel at any time, free of charge.

A well-deserved getaway to enjoy exceptional services

Give yourself a break to enjoy the many luxurious hotel services during the day. Munich's star hotels open their doors to you to enjoy their sauna, steam room, swim a few laps in a pool, get fit in a fully equipped gym or simply have a coffee and read the newspaper in your comfortable bed in your day room. Don't hesitate to book your day use, you can cancel at any time and for free if you don't feel like it anymore. High quality services are waiting for you !