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44 day hotels in San Francisco

-34%$160 per night
-53%$333 per night

Feel like taking a short break in San Francisco to rest, work on a file or simply enjoy a good sauna? Try the 1000 possibilities that day hotels offer you, whether you want to take an hour's break or chill all day long


Hotel by Day for a different day in San Francisco


Discover the hotel room by the day in San Francisco to take a break in the middle of the day. The sun disappears? Get warm in a sauna. Feel like a swim? Heated pools are waiting for you. Just a little bit of slack? Day room beds will welcome you warmly for a nap in a hotel for just a few hours. You will find our day hotel rooms everywhere in San Francisco, with original concepts, havens of peace or bubbles of intimacy, all at reduced prices!

Reserve a Day Hotel for yourself

What if you booked a room for a day in San Francisco? The streets are pretty, but they don't have spas, pools or comfortable beds to take a break. Take a room in a day hotel to spend a day like no other, enjoy a good restaurant or free Wifi to work efficiently. The cocktails of the bar are at your disposal for moments of serenity or quiet appointments in a day hotel. Book and cancel whenever you want, Dayuse suits you for the day !

Hourly Hotel to fill your day in San Francisco

Dayuse allows you to book a room for a few hours inSan Francisco. A few hours in a hotel to relax, discover a restaurant or organize a work session... Take a room for one or more hours and take advantage of the many discounts on San Francisco hotels! You will turn part of your day into a real journey cut off from the world. Booking an hourly hotel allows you to access a lot of discounts, so enjoy !

Take a fresh start in San Francisco

Dayuse allows you to book early check-in rooms to start your day in San Francisco by doing a bit of sports or reading your favorite newspaper with a coffee on the bed. Discover the advantages of a room in the morning and the many discounts available for a quiet moment at a lower cost. Early check-in is flexible and allows you to cancel your booking at any time without any additional cost to stay free as air. Adopt the early check-in for a good start to the day !

Finish the day with a late break 

The day ends slowly in San Francisco : take a late break to rest for the next flight, or just to share a drink at the bar with a few colleagues to finish the day. With a late check-in, access all the services of a hotel, such as the pool, spa or restaurant for a gentle and relaxing end of the day. No need to plan anything, you can follow your desires and book at any time, as well as cancel for free if you have something planned at the last minute, you only pay when you check-in. Then let yourself be tempted by a room at the end of the day.

What about a Love Hotel in the Golden City ?

The love hotels are real bubbles of pleasure in which you withdraw from the world for a few hours to become one with your lover. A real romantic trip in a comfortable room with swimming pools, spa and hammam to evacuate bad energies. For a few hours, Love is the key word in these romantic hotels that will help you spice up your relationship. Find the love room that suits you in the town and take a romantic break !

Enjoy the luxury of a spa in the middle of the day

With Dayuse, you can enjoy the luxurious services of San Francisco hotels in the middle of the day and at any time of the day. Relax with a session in the sauna, hammam or even jacuzzi. A heated pool can also be ideal for relaxing during the day. Allow yourself a quiet break in a day hotel to take care of yourself and remove any fatigue from your body. Your daytime room will allow you to recover from your intensive wellness session before heading back to the city.