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Book a hourly hotel room in Singapore with Our hotel partners offer the perfect daycation for you and your partner., the booking central of hourly hotels, offers hotel rooms for a day at negotiated rates. Booking a hotel room for the day is a great way to break the routine. Book a hourly hotel room to enjoy a luxury hotel at an affordable price. With rates negotiated by Dayuse, you can dive into a romantic and relaxed atmosphere thanks to an afternoon hotel room, without having to pay the price of a whole night, all the while enjoying the outstanding service of a luxury hotel.


Hourly hotels : How to find hotels by the hour near me ?

Looking for a hourly hotel near you ? offers a selection of stylish and cozy day use hotels that offer the possibility to book a hotel room for the day at reduced rates. You can book a hotel room for the day during a time slot from 10am to 6pm for a period of between 3 and 7 hours. Regardless of the time you want to escape at, you can choose and book a hotel room for a few hours to meet your expectations.

Hourly Hotels : Book your room with

You can book a hotel by the hour, eyes closed; Dayuse has made a selection of boutique hotels based on their location, design and quality. Everything has been designed to allow you to book a hotel room for the day so easily in Singapore!

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The Best Daycation in Singapore 2022

A day at Hong Kong

We often need a calm environment to kill time away from the daily activities and family members. The retreat helps us reconnect with our partners and plan our future.
Hotel rooms provide the best privacy compared to parks, beaches, and other calm environments. The hotel rooms are specifically designed to accommodate one or two people, making them ideal for a retreat.

Singapore, a busy city, is home to some of the most luxurious hotels offering the best daycation to couples and visitors. The article will cover all we need to know about hourly hotel near me Singapore city provides.

Popular Hotels in Singapore

Singapore is a vastly growing city and a birthplace of new business hubs. Here are some of the best habitable hotels near me offering daycation services.

1.    Hotel G Singapore

Hotel G Singapore is a perfect escape place to spend a few hours. Strong Wi-Fi keeps us looped to the outside world while meditating.
Every room has a flat screen with an inbuilt news app that keeps us updated on every event, but the gym takes experience to a different level.
Their offers are wanting, with a 15% off for food items. Visit the Hotel G Singapore and experience the best money can buy.

2.    Hotel NuVe Urbane

Even the name sounds classy, and where classic matters, hotel NuVe has to be mentioned. The elegant decors in the luxury boutique plus a dreamy swimming pool are world-class, and this alone is enough to place NuVe Urban on top of other hotels around me.
For daycation services, hotel NuVe has different packages of opening times offered to its customers and is the most convenient among all hourly hotels near me.

3.    Hotel Soloha

The Hotel Soloha offers a different experience being an hourly rate hotel near me and is undoubtedly a place to consider.
The charming courtyard is all we need to keep us relaxed and captured in the present moment. There is no shortlisting of entertainment in hotel Soloha, where every room has a smart screen mounted to keep us occupied.


It’s wise to say that we get what we pay for, and at Singapore’s hourly hotels, the services we pay for are visible to even the short-sighted. Here are some of the popular amenities around the hotels;

1.    Free Parking
Parking can be hectic, especially in a city like Singapore. The good news is that a parking fee is included in your hotel services, and parking is reserved for you.

2.    Fitness Room
We need to engage in a few outdoor activities to ensure boredom does not kick in. A gym sounds like a good way of doing so, and many hotels make it a priority.

3.    Airport shuttle
We are not bound to stress during our vacation. Some hotels offer airport transportation to ensure that the customers meet their scheduled flying time.

What Hourly Hotel means

Unlike paying for a full-time stay in hotel rooms, hourly hotel rooms are available to customers who only wish to spend a few hours there. Hourly rates may vary depending on my needs, and it's up to me to decide which package to pay for.

What we can do around the city of Singapore

Like any other city, there is much to enjoy in Singapore. Wildlife takes the lead where there are different species of birds and animals to be discovered. For those like me who want shopping experiences, Singapore malls have more than enough space to take as all.

We do not have to spend too much paying for services that we are unlikely to use, given that we have an option to pay for the exact hours we need to be in the very place. Hourly payment has been made possible by the hourly hotel rooms offered by almost every hotel in Singapore. Why pay for a night when there is an hourly hotel near me?


Free cancellation
Until the last minute
Payment at the hotel
Reserve without prepayment
Up to 75% off
Compared to an overnight stay
Worldwide leader
of daytime hotels

Hotel for 2 Hours: The Perfect Solution for Short Stays!


Looking for a hotel room for just a few hours? offers hourly rates for hotel rooms in Singapore, making it easy to find a comfortable place to relax or freshen up during a layover or long transit. With a selection of stylish and cozy day use hotels, offers reduced rates for those looking to book a hotel room for the day Whether you need a place to rest before a big meeting or a spot to freshen up before a night out, has you covered. With hotels available in popular areas like Rochor and Orchard, you can easily find a hotel that suits your needs. Plus, with free cancellation until the last minute and payment at the hotel, you can book with confidence.

So why wait? Book your hotel room for a couple of hours and enjoy the amenities that has to offer. With up to 75% off compared to an overnight stay, you can enjoy a comfortable and affordable stay in Singapore.

Hourly hotels in Singapore
Hourly hotels in Singapore
Pool access included
Concorde Hotel Singapore

Concorde Hotel Singapore


A home away from home, An oasis of serenity amidst the Bustling City. 

Concorde Hotel Singapore graciously extends a warm welcome to guests from all around the world/ Business or leisure, a satisfying stay is waiting for you. 

Have all the comforts of your home within the city's finest shopping area and enjoy an unparalleled guest experience. 

SGD 280 per night
SGD 160
Pool access included
Hotel NuVe Urbane

Hotel NuVe Urbane


Hotel NuVe Urbane is a new and trendy boutique hotel in Singapore, located in the Lavender district, 7-min walk from Lavender MRT station. This 6-storey luxury boutique hotel is NuVe Group's third hotel in Singapore.

Kick back and unwind in your spacious room, indulge in a rejuvenating swim in our swimming pool on the fifth level, or unwind in the inviting cabanas and sun loungers after a day of exploring Singapore. All our 62 boutique hotel rooms and suites are spacious and stylish and each of them features contemporary furnishings and amenities - all designed with your comfort in mind.

Carpark is available on the ground level and car parking is complimentary for all our guests (first-come, first-served basis).

SGD 130 per night
SGD 118
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