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30 day hotels in Cologne

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Take some time alone or with someone in the middle of the day for a relaxing break or a terrific experience in Cologne's Day Hotels.

How about a Hotel by Day in Cologne ?

Dayuse allows you to enjoy Cologne in a unique way, by taking advantage of the luxurious services of a hotel during the day. Take a day room in a hotel by day to be pampered for a few hours and to regain your strength before returning to the city. For an hours or the whole day, discover the best day hotels in Cologne, with discounts of up to 75% off the nightly rate ! And for the undecided ones, the reservation can be cancelled at any time and without any fees, no excuses.

A Day Hotel to fill your day with pleasure in Cologne

Take a break in one of the many day hotels in Cologne to be with yourself or someone else for a few hours. With rooms for the day, you can enjoy a relaxing cocoon and the many services of a hotel in the middle of the day. Hotels by day also allow you to end the day with an afterwork with colleagues or to escape the daily routine by coming to work for a few hours in the comfort of a room during the day. You can also indulge in the spa and swimming pools offered by hotels during the day in Cologne.

Improvise your day in Cologne thanks to Hourly Hotels

Looking for a warm and comfortable place to rest for an hour or two ? Hourly hotels are there for you, and they are perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you want to work in a comfortable space with Wi-Fi, take a nap, have a drink or improve your diving skills in a stylish pool, book your day room to have a fun break during the day. The best hotels by day in Cologne are waiting to offer you their luxurious services during the day. What's more, rooms during the day are cheaper than at night, with discounts of up to 75% just for you ! Cancel your reservation up to the last minute without any charges if you change your mind. 

Make it slowly in Cologne with an Early Break

Early check-in hotels allow you to start the day on the right foot by taking advantage of the services of a hotel in the morning. Have a good breakfast, read the newspaper or wake up your body in the fitness center, take an early break in Cologne's day hotels by booking your room in the morning. You just had a short night ? Take a nap in a safe place to regain your strength in one of the early hotels offered by Dayuse. Discover the day rooms at the beginning of the day, you won't be able to do without them, especially when the reservation can be cancelled at the last minute without any fees.

A Late Break to end the day in a good way

The best hotels in Cologne open their doors at the end of the day for an afterwork with colleagues, a date or a sports session to get rid of the stress of the day. Take a late break to enjoy the saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools of the city's day hotels, and lock yourself in your room in the evening to rest for an hour or two before leaving. Late check-in hotels are very flexible and allow you to book without commitment, with last minute cancellation without charge for a day use in total freedom. These few hours in a hotel at the end of the day will put you back in shape to face the rest of the week.

Try a Love Hotel for a passionate break in Cologne

If you want to surprise your loved one or arrange an elegant date, the love hotels in Cologne are perfect ! Enjoy the luxury services of the city's day hotels with a relaxing sauna, a stylishly decorated heated swimming pool or a renowned gourmet restaurant. The room for a day welcomes you for a few hours of relaxation and out-of-this-world fun to strengthen your relationship during this romantic getaway. In addition, the stay in a hotel by day is often cheaper than for the night, but you don't have to say that... And if you change your mind at the last minute, the cancellation is free !

Luxury services during the day to relax in Cologne

Cologne's star hotels open their doors to you during the day to offer you their top-of-the-line services. Relax in a traditional hammam, swim laps in a beautiful indoor pool, share a glass of champagne in a jacuzzi or even try out the multiple facilities of a high-end fitness room, you can do whatever you want in the day hotels. Book your room for an hour or more to rest after all those sensations before joining the real world.