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6 day hotels in Karlsruhe

Unlock all the possibilities of your daily life by booking a room in a hotel during the day !

Discover all the possibilities of a Hotel by Day in Karlsruhe

Make your day a unique one by discovering the experience of a hotel by day in Karlsruhe. Book a room for the day in one of the many day hotels in the city and enjoy a quiet and comfortable day room to rest or work in silence. All the services of a hotel for the day are also available, such as spa, swimming pool, restaurant or gym. It's up to you to choose your unique experience according to your desires or needs. The icing on the cake is that rooms during the day benefit from discounts of up to 75% compared to overnight stays ! So don't hesitate to book your few hours of wellness, you can always cancel for free at the last minute if you change your mind.

Experience the Day Hotels in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe has many surprises in store for you, and its day hotels are one of them. A room during the day to enjoy the moment and take care of yourself in comfort and luxury. Take advantage of the many services offered by the hotels by day in Karlsruhe, including discounts and free last-minute cancellations. You can also take advantage of a fully-equipped work space to carry out your assignments efficiently and why not have an afterwork session at the end of the evening with your colleagues to relax after the stress of the day.

Hourly Hotels to personalize your day

If you have some free time, a few hours to wait or a meeting to organize, the hourly hotels will allow you to fill your day in the numerous hotels of Karlsruhe for one hour or more. No need to book a whole night if you only need to have a drink with colleagues or friends, or to take a nap in the big bed of a day room. The saunas and pools will give you a fresh start to your day, and if you're feeling hungry, you can sample the cuisine of the hotels fine restaurants. Rooms during the day offer discounts and can be cancelled at any time free of charge, so don't hesitate and book your few hours of happiness in Karlsruhe !

Begin your day with an Early Break in Karlsruhe

Adopt a new way to start the day in Karlsruhe by booking a room in the morning in a hotel for a refreshing early break. Whether you want to have a coffee while reading the newspaper, stay fit in the gym or swim a few laps in the pool, early check-in hotels allow you to do whatever you want, only your desires will limit you. Your early check-in room will welcome you to finish your night or just take a good shower and work a bit, slippers on. Have everything you want delivered to your room or come downstairs for a drink before starting your day full of energy !

Your sweet evening in Karlsruhe with a Late Break

Enjoy a room in the evening for a late break after the stress of the day. The bar will welcome you for a cosy afterwork with colleagues, and the luxury services like the sauna or the swimming pool will relax your body and mind in late check-in hotels. Discover the hotels of Karlsuhe in the evening and their different universes to end your day in beauty before taking your train and going back home. The most tired guests can even take a nap in their bathrobe in the large bed of the day room to recharge their batteries.

A Love Hotel in Karlsruhe to fire up your senses

Give your couple a fresh start by enjoying a romantic getaway in a love hotel in Karlsruhe. Intimate, refined and luxurious rooms are waiting for you to cut yourself off from the world and spend an intimate moment with your loved one for a few hours during the day. The day hotels also offer you all their luxurious services such as spa, swimming pools, gourmet restaurants and bars with their numerous cocktails. For a date or for your couple, you will remember for a long time this romantic break in a hotel by day.

Relax in a spa in Karlsruhe

Treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation in the spas of Karlsruhe. The day hotels of the city open the doors of their steam rooms, saunas and indoor swimming pools to get rid of your stress for good. The day room will welcome you after all these efforts for a little break in the softness of sheets and bathrobes. With Dayuse, you can also access Karlsruhe's star hotelsatreduced prices compared to overnight stays, and cancel at the last minute for free if you change your mind.