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Published on | 11/01/2022 | Direct Link

By: Lu Yawen

Founded in 2010, Dayuse was created by David Lebée in Paris to meet the demand of customers in hospitality who were looking for a place to rest for a few hours as they explored the area. From a booking platform, it evolved into a mobile app. Then in 2015, the company raised 15 million euros in a series A investment round, sparking off an expansion in the United States, Hong Kong and now Singapore. 

We speak to CEO and founder of Dayuse, Lebée, to find out why they continue to be one of the top options for daycations whether you’re in Paris or Singapore.

Could you tell us more about how the idea for Dayuse came about? 

I was managing a trendy hotel in Paris back in 2010 and was often asked about daytime bookings. Guests had wished to book a room for a few hours to explore the vicinity or unplug with their partner but this option wasn’t provided by traditional hotels. I noticed the consumption patterns that were slowly evolving; whether it’s for a daycation, a romantic getaway or an office for the day, many new demands were not being met. It was only then that I had the idea to start the idea of Dayuse.

What was the initial response to Dayuse when it was founded in 2010? 

We’ve been profitable since day one. We have transformed the hotel industry by being the first to offer a day-time hotel booking platform, and quickly became the global leader in the market. We have since experienced exponential growth, offering guests the opportunity to use the hotel rooms and facilities beyond the traditional overnight stay. Dayuse has been meeting the changing and evolving needs of modern consumers who are embracing the hassle-free convenience of Daycations while appreciating the risk-free booking process.

In Paris, where the company was founded, has there been an increase or decrease in the numbers of users? 

Our user base has always witnessed a trend of growing users because it offers a well-grounded solution for guests looking for a space to unwind and relax in or to experience a change in scenery without the hassle of planning a trip or breaking the bank.

Now a decade old and in multiple cities, has anything changed in the way Dayuse operates? 

The will to transform the hospitality industry remains stronger than ever! What has changed is that hotels are now approaching us and the number of partnership requests has rocketed thanks to the increasing awareness around Dayuse and our value-add. The hospitality industry has embraced the daycation concept and acknowledged the perks of attracting a new clientele and establishing a new revenue stream to maximize their assets for additional profits. We carefully curate a selection of three to five hotels based on high-value offering, location and on-site amenities and our recent three-digit growth in Singapore is a testament that hoteliers trust us.

Does each city require a slightly different approach? Why or why not? 

We conduct a global shared strategy with local adaptations. We build our strategy according to population areas and hotel properties available to ensure we come up with quality hotels and relevant offers at the best price. Around airports, for example, we develop earlier offers (starting at 6am) and later end times (ending at 11pm) to respond to travelers’ demands whether they’re looking for a place to take a refreshing shower or a power nap while waiting to get to their next destination.

Since entering the Singapore market in 2018, there’ve been competitors popping up. What gives Dayuse an edge over the newer entrants?

We are the original and industry leader in daytime reservations. Dayuse was created by hoteliers for hoteliers where we speak the same language. We offer the widest range of hotel partners and have earned the trust of major hotel groups. is in touch with the realities of modern inconveniences such as delays and unforeseen circumstances that are all part of a fast-paced life. It’s also the reason why no credit card is needed during the booking process and cancellation is free of charge even until the last minute!

Is Dayuse expanding into the other Southeast Asian cities? 

We do have expansion projects in Asia but we’re keeping it confidential for now. We recently launched our Staycation Offers in Asia within Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and we aim to work on this service to improve it to make it as powerful as the daycation (dayuse experiences) we have today.