Time for a getaway

Time for a getaway

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With Dayuse.com, you can finally make the most of your hotel. Spend the day there without the slightest frustration, for a perfectly authentic getaway.

Get ready to see hotels in a whole new light now that you can book a room for the day and enjoy the luxuries available to guests only. Booking a room through Dayuse.com will open up a whole new world: beautiful spas, a place to leave your shopping, tearooms or even exclusive gyms with personal trainers - you’ll soon find out that a hotel is more than just an ensuite bedroom.

Dayuse.com also means you can find the perfect space for unforgettable events: the ideal girly suite to hold a mani-pedi hen party, a birthday celebration with a cocktail class and champagne in the private jacuzzi or even a romantic dinner for two on your own private balcony.

Thanks to our customer service hotline, Dayuse.com can help you make all your dreams come true with a network of 5,000 hotels across 25 countries. We can offer you tailored solutions as well as exclusive prices going up to 75% off the price of a traditional overnight stay.

And because pleasure and relaxation should never be painful, you can cancel your booking on Dayuse.com up until the very last minute, since no bank details are required upon reservation. You'll only pay once you reach your hotel.

Our team handpicks Dayuse.com hotels with great care. Five star hotels with luxurious amenities, low-cost, convenient hotels for a couple of hours' shuteye, boutique hotels for the perfect pop-up photo shoot or even business hotels with reliable wifi, meeting rooms and a good desk - whatever your need, Dayuse.com knows the right hotel.