Experience real mobile working

Experience real mobile working

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Dayuse.com turns hotels into a playground for your work life.
Dayuse.com offers you the opportunity to work differently and hold client meetings in new, unusual spaces thanks to our daytime bookings.
Sick of all the noise in your coworking space? Fancy a change of scenery paired with a good wifi connection to get the creative juices flowing? You can now move your office for just a few hours. Traveling for work and need a place to work between meetings? Want to make the most of that stopover to finish off your project? Whichever airport, train station or business centre you’re near, we’ll find the right hotel just around the corner.
Your team could probably do with an away-day… Get them out of the office and throw some new ideas around for a change! Inspiring views, rooftops, jacuzzis, pools or saunas could all be your next meeting room...
So you're supposed to treat your clients like kings... But they can be so demanding! It's time to blow their socks off... Use Dayuse.com to find an incredible setting for your next meeting, shoot or interview and make sure they never forget. With prices up to 75% less than traditional overnight bookings, our customer service is there to help you find the right hotel for your project, however crazy it may be.
With hotels in 25 countries, Dayuse.com works exclusively with handpicked establishments to meet our customers' high expectations for a unique business experience. Whether you’re looking for 4 stars, the authentic look of a boutique hotel or the convenience of a room right by the business centre, Dayuse.com will show you business in a whole new light.
And because we know business is sometimes unpredictable, cancellation is free up until the very last minute. We have adapted our service to suit your needs for flexibility by offering different time slots depending on the hotel you pick. No bank details will be necessary upon booking, payment is only due once you pick up the key, for 100% discretion.

By booking a room on Dayuse.com, you are choosing a professional service to fit your needs so that you can make the most of hotel rooms in a whole new way. From business to pleasure, our partner hotels have what it takes (spas, afternoon tea, gyms…), reasons to book a room on Dayuse.com could even include a quick nap between two flights or a rendezvous with your loved one. Whatever the reason, there’s always a hotel near you to fit the job.