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Published on Avenue One l 07/04/2022 l Direct link

By: Kristen Juliet Soh

Like many in Singapore, I’ve been working from home for most of the last two years. At first, being able to work from home felt like a luxury. Waking up later, not needing to dress up for work, and avoiding the rush hour traffic were perks.

And then I started feeling burnt out.

I used to perceive my home as the place where I get to “switch off” from work but now the space is also associated with work. At the same time, working from home meant that I was always in the same environment, which began to feel stuffy after a while.
This was when I thought a “work-from-hotel” or “work-cation” may be the refreshing change that I needed.

And I wasn’t not the only one who was feeling this way.

Dayuse Founder and CEO David Lebée told AVENUE ONE that there is an upward trend for “work-cations” both globally and locally.

Dayuse is a platform where you can make daytime reservations for rooms and services, as opposed to booking “per night” rooms through conventional platforms and directly from the hotels. The prices are lower than if you had booked an overnight room too, yet you’re still able to enjoy hotel amenities.

“6 out of 10 Dayuse guests in Singapore just want a quiet place to be productive, while 7 in 10 guests make a Dayuse booking just for work at least once a month, signalling a burgeoning trend” Lebée shares.

I booked a “work-cation”

To understand the lure of a work-cation, I booked for one through Dayuse, and checked into InterContinental Robertson Quay on a Tuesday morning. My room was available from 8am to 6pm, which worked out to a generous 10 hours.