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A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel

A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel

Roma, Lazio
4.9/5 | 6 Reviews

Just 15 minutes from the centre of Rome and 20 minutes from Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, the A.ROMA Lifestyle Hotel is perfectly located for every need. 

Located near Villa Doria Pamphili, inside the Valle Dei Casali natural park and a short distance from St. Peter's in the Vatican, it is an ideal place to relax after an intense working day or on weekends. 

In its understated elegance it recreates a dynamic fusion of art, comfort and modern technology.

SGD 314 per night
SGD 141
Hôtel de Castiglione

Hôtel de Castiglione

Paris 8ème
4.1/5 | 151 Reviews

"Luxury address for a chic 5 à 7".

The hotel De Castiglione enjoys an exceptional location in Paris. Located on the prestigious rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, this hotel is the perfect place for a romantic Dayuse.

The Champs Élysées are less than 10 minutes walk from the hotel. The Madeleine metro station, served by 3 lines, is located 500 meters away. Completely renovated in 2007, this 19th century building has the refined charm of grand hotels.

The hotel De Castiglione will welcome your cuddly rendezvous in the muffled and elegant universe of its air-conditioned rooms and suites with a view on the center of Paris. Day use Paris invites you to experience luxury in this upscale and intimate hotel.

SGD 414 per night
SGD 121
Pool access included
M Social Singapore

M Social Singapore

Robertson Quay
4.2/5 | 483 Reviews
M Social Singapore have imagined a new concept of democratic hotel design for the upscale lifestyle enclave of Robertson Quay; a unique and vibrant residential locale on the historic Singapore riverfront. The 293-room designer hotel overlooks the vibrant precinct that is home to a variety of dining and entertainment options.
SGD 230 per night
SGD 110
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